Homeworkify – Is It Worth It? A Student’s Take

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Homeworkify is a tool designed to help you with your homework by giving you instant solutions to your problems. I’m a college student who heard about this tool and had some doubts as to whether it was legit or not. So in this article, I review the value Homeworkify brings students, review alternatives, and troubleshoot potential causes when it goes down.

Value to Students

Homeworkify takes your questions and gives you a step-by-step solution found on other websites. While this can help you get better grades on your assignments, it’ll also help you better understand the subject if used correctly.

Homeworkify can be very helpful when it comes to solving troublesome homework problems. Most students can relate to staring at a problem for hours and still not being able to solve it, even after flipping through their notes a thousand times.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter your question on Google.
  • Copy the URL of the website that provides the answer (can only see the answer if you have a subscription to those certain websites).
  • Enter the URL into Homeworkify.
  • Homeworkify gives you the answer by removing the blurred solution images.

As a college student, I often face homework problems that I have a very limited amount of information on how to solve it. Using the problem answers, you can reverse engineer the problem and use that information to help you succeed in future homework and even exams. However, before resorting to looking up the answers, I would recommend trying to solve the problem by yourself using materials from class.

Before using Homeworkify, its worth thinking about how legit it actually is. Sometimes we are blinded by the word “Free” and choose to ignore how safe a website is. Homeworkify definitely steps into shady territory as the tool effectively scrapes obfuscation off Chegg and similar products.

Homeworkify Alternatives

There are dozens of other websites that offer homework solutions, so which one should you use? Some things to consider when using these sites are: is it trustworthy, is it reliable, and will it cost anything? 

These sites each have their pros and cons. For example, Khan Academy is free and provides lecture videos for a better understanding of entire topics, however, it doesn’t “give” you the answers to homework questions. Paid sites, like Chegg or Numerade, are great for giving step-by-step solutions to specific problems. Personally, I’m a big fan of Symbolab.

There are also other alternatives, though might not be as popular, to solving homework problems. Of course, there’s the typical “pay attention in class” that seems so simple, however, it actually makes a huge difference. Going over course materials before class, taking quality notes, and actively listening to the teacher can all go a long way.

I’ve also found a great value in studying the same week as the class rather than shoehorning all of my study time into the night or two before the exam.

Let’s be honest – laziness is another reason for using these sketchy homework sites. Oftentimes, students resort to looking up answers before they even attempt it themselves.

You can’t expect Homeworkify to give you a 100% accurate answer to every single question that you have (if it gives you a solution at all). That’s why it is best to use these tools to assist you with homework and not something to solely rely on.

Homeworkify Troubleshooting

Homeworkify often comes with errors and complications. Many users report CloudFront problems, error 403, configuration errors, and being unable to see images. The most basic solution to this is to refresh and try again. The website is going to be buggy because of the nature of how it gets solutions, which is grey hat at best.

Conclusion – Should You Use it?

Homeworkify is a useful tool when it comes to solving specific homework problems. However, I think how you use it can determine how it affects your learning and grades. If used to check your work or to understand the solution steps it can help you get a better grasp on the subject and excel in your class. If used to blindly copy answers just so that you can get a 100 on a homework assignment, it might help at the moment but is worthless in the long run.

Personally, I wouldn’t use Homeworkify because it’s pretty sketchy for a free site to give you answers taken from a paid site. I do know a few folks who claim it’s helpful, but they also complain about its problems with loading.

I also recommend being careful using this site for your University because some professors may consider it cheating and you could face serious consequences from your school.