Welcome to Punchlist Zero

When I started my engineering career in 2003, online resources were sparse. Information I did find often lacked practicality and a big-picture focus. Since those early days, I harvested the idea of a better way to connect equipment providers to critical information.

Punchlist Zero launched in early 2019 and today we serve over 50,000 users a month. Feel free to browse our most popular topics or use calculators to make your job easier and more efficient. We add at least a dozen articles a month and continually revamp our content to ensure it is highly useful.

Punchlist Zero is part of my vision for a better engineering experience. This vision is more fully realized via Momenta Tech, my software development company that focuses on thoughtful software deployment. We build web applications, websites, and provide industrial search engine optimization services.

I hope you find Punchlist Zero useful. Please connect with me on LinkedIn for help with your technology needs.

Happy Engineering,


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