Why did my Chegg account get suspended?

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In the past decade, with the increase in technology utilization at the academic level, Chegg has become a giant in homework help. Chegg is an academic platform that gives students access to textbooks, homework solutions, homework walk-throughs, and even individualized tutoring support. This all in one platform offers immense support to students in all levels of education from grade school all the way through college. Chegg allows students to access help and support outside the classroom whenever they need it and help students achieve subject mastery and avoid poor grades.

The platform has become almost vital to most in understanding and mastering major topics and classes in the collegiant level. However, Chegg is a paid membership. In college and other levels of education it is harder for some to cover the cost of Chegg and often easier to split and share an account. This however has lead to some accounts being terminated. In this article we will cover some steps one should take to recover a suspended Chegg account, and how to prevent similar suspensions in the future.

Chegg Suspension Grounds

If your account notifies you of a suspension due to violation of terms of use – it’s typically that the Chegg algorithm believes a sharing violation exists.

As of recently, Chegg has implemented a two-device rule. Each account is allowed up to two devices with one change in device allowed per month. This allows you to have a device which you may access Chegg, and a friend as well. Or you may access Chegg two devices

Sharing violations occur once the number of users pushes above the two device allotment. Usage from different IP addresses indicates access from different locations. Another metric that may trigger a violation suspension is high volumes of searches. To avoid having an account suspension in the first place, avoid sharing your account with more than one other person. High search volume and too many devices may cause a suspension.

Account Recovery

If for some reason you have your account suspended, you may request reactivation. Typically, Chegg suspensions are temporary and allow the user time to adjust any term violations. These temporary violations only last 48 hours in which Chegg will evaluate the severity of the suspension. If you want to request an appeal for the terms of suspension, you may submit an appeal here.

Sometimes Chegg may decide to not release an account after the 48 hour time period. In this case you may submit an appeal to Chegg directly if you suspect there has been a mistake. However, oftentimes Chegg will not redact any permanent suspensions made to an account.

How to Avoid Account Suspension

The best measure to ensure the security of your account is to make sure no one else is using it. If you find yourself between different locations when at school and at home try to ensure you are only using a main device. Make sure you use a regular browser when on Chegg and avoid incognito mode. Chegg may register this as suspicious activity and mark an account for suspension.

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Make sure you reset your password often to promote your account security. In some cases using the Chegg app on your phone may help to prevent them from registering your mobile browser as multiple devices. Try to make sure you are the only person using your account or that you only utilize the two devices that you have already specified.

Chegg has become an awesome and useful tool for many students at every level of education. Keep yourself in good standing for continued access to the platform and for the best experience!