Alex Edmondson

Ladder Rung Spacing

Ladder rung spacing provides an important design parameter in ladder spacing. In this article, learn standards of ladder rung spacing, ladder rung width, and the use of ladder rung covers….


C-Purlins, also known as cee purlins, are shaped like the letter C and provide structural support for wall and floor beams. In this article, you will learn more about C-Purlins,…

Stepped Footing

A stepped footing provides extreme support to structures on non-flat terrains as well as a flat surface for construction. In this article, you will review the purpose of stepped footings,…

The Concrete Strength Curve

The concrete strength curve plots the strength of concrete versus cure time. In this article, you will learn the importance of the concrete strength curve, understand how to read it,…

Company Spotlight: Timbergrove Solutions

Alex Edmondson of PunchList Zero caught up with Ian Uriarte, founder and CEO of Timbergrove Solutions. Timbergrove, a custom software development company uses IoT and custom software to help clients do business quicker and more efficiently.

CH3CH2CH2CH2OH Boiling Point

The CH3CH2CH2CH2OH boiling point, or 1-Butanol, is 243.9°F (117.7°C). In this article, you will learn about the CH3CH2CH2CH2OH boiling point, its proper name, its Lewis structure, and whether it’s polar or…