Unit Conversion Calculator

Convert just about any units you can think of: Area, Density, Electric Current, Force, Mass, Power, etc.


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    Energy Length Area Density
    Joules to kJ cm to feet square miles to square feet lb/ft^3 to kg/m^3
    Joules to BTU cm to inches square miles to square meters lb/ft^3 to g/cm^3
    Joules to Calories cm to mm square miles to acres lb/ft^3 to lb/in^3
    Joules to kcal feet to cm square feet to square miles kg/m^3 to lb/ft^3
    Joules to kWh feet to mm square feet to square meters kg/m^3 to g/cm^3
    Joules to eV feet to inches square feet to acres kg/m^3 to lb/in^3
    kJ to Joules feet to meters square meters to square miles g/cm^3 to lb/ft^3
    kJ to BTU inches to cm square meters to square feet g/cm^3 to kg/m^3
    kJ to Calories inches to feet square meters to acres g/cm^3 to lb/in^3
    kJ to kcal inches to meters acres to square miles lb/in^3 to lb/ft^3
    BTU to kJ inches to mm acres to square meters lb/in^3 to kg/m^3
    BTU to Joules km to miles acres to square feet lb/in^3 to g/cm^3
    BTU to kWh meters to feet
    kWh to BTU meters to inches
    kWh to Joules miles to km
    Calories to Joules mm to cm
    Calories to kJ mm to feet
    Calories to kcal mm to inches
    kcal to Calories
    kcal to Joules Angle
    kcal to kJ degrees to radians
    eV to Joules radians to degrees
    eV to keV
    eV to MeV
    eV to GeV
    keV to eV
    MeV to eV
    GeV to eV
    ft-lbs to Joules
    Joules to ft-lbs

    Electric Force Mass Power
    amps to microamps dynes to newtons ounces to grams watts to hp
    amps to milliamps dynes to kN ounces to milligrams watts to megawatts
    amps to kiloamps dynes to kg ounces to kilograms watts to btu/hr
    amps to nanoamps dynes to lbf grams to micrograms megawatts to watts
    microamps to amps newtons to kilonewtons grams to milligrams megawatts to hp
    microamps to milliamps newtons to dynes grams to kilograms megawatts to btu/hr
    microamps to kiloamps newtons to kg milligrams to ounces hp to watts
    microamps to nanoamps newtons to lbf milligrams to grams hp to btu/hr
    milliamps to microamps kN to newtons micrograms to grams hp to megawatts
    milliamps to kiloamps kN to dynes micrograms to milligrams btu/hr to megawatts
    milliamps to amps kN to kg micrograms to ounces btu/hr to watts
    milliamps to nanoamps kN to lbf tons to kilograms btu/hr to hp
    nanoamps to amps kg to dynes kilograms to tons
    nanoamps to microamps kg to Newtons 64 oz to ml
    nanoamps to milliamps kg to lbf
    nanoamps to kiloamps kg to kN
    lbf to kg
    lbf to dynes
    lbf to newtons
    lbf to kN

    Pressure Speed Temperature Volume
    psi to Pa ft/sec to in/sec °C to K gallons to in^3
    psi to kPa ft/sec to mph °C to R gallons to pints
    psi to inHg ft/sec to m/s °C to °F gallons to quarts
    psi to torr ft/sec to km/hr K to °C gallons to milliliters
    Pa to psi in/sec to ft/sec K to R in^3 to gallons
    Pa to kPa in/sec to mph K to °F in^3 to liters
    Pa to inHg in/sec to km/hr °F to °C in^3 to ft^3
    Pa to torr mph to ft/sec °F to R liters to in^3
    kPa to psi mph to in/sec °F to K liters to pints
    kPa to inHg mph to m/s R to °C liters to quarts
    kPa to Pa m/s to ft/sec R to °F liters to ft^3
    kPa to torr m/s to km/hr R to K pints to gallons
    inHg to psi m/s to in/sec pints to quarts
    inHg to Pa km/hr to ft/sec pints to milliliters
    inHg to torr km/hr to m/s quarts to in^3
    inHg to kPa quarts to gallons
    torr to psi quarts to ft^3
    torr to Pa quarts to liters
    torr to kPa quarts to pints
    torr to inHg milliliters to gallons
    milliliters to pints