Best Shop Fan – Top Picks of 2022


Proper air circulation in the shop environment is essential for worker comfort. Proper circulation removes the space of unwanted smells and ensures fabrication workers are not breathing fumes and small particles. For those who live in hot and unforgiving climates (cough…Texas), a reliable shop fan is not a luxury, it’s a must.

We have put together this guide to choosing the best high-velocity shop fans for your business. These fans provide strong, reliable, and portable air on demand. These fans are built for use in environments where temperatures can be high due to welding, heat treat, and other heat-producing processes.

A shop fan is designed to efficiently cool down large or open spaces much better than other types of fans. It provides a higher velocity output compared to fans used inside a living room or your bedroom. A proper shop fan must be rated for a commercial or industrial environment. Cooling down these workspaces requires larger-than-normal fans and lots of power in most cases.

Considering that there are lots of shop fans on the market, let’s talk a bit about how to pick the best of the bunch.

Buying Guide: Parameters for Selecting a Good Shop Fan

Before you shell out your hard-earned money on just any shop fan, you must consider some vital factors. Here they are in no particular order:

Noise level

Most shop fans are somewhat louder than regular fans or those you use in your home. But that doesn’t imply that you will never come across shop fans with low noise levels.

One of the best – and reliable ways of determining a shop fan’s noise level is by reading the reviews of those who purchased it. Whether deliberately or not, decibel ratings frequently are excluded from shop fans’ specs.

You don’t need a shop fan to drown out Justin Bieber’s latest hits (hey, no judgment here) when you are striking up that welding torch. So, all things being equal, consider a shop fan with minimum noise levels.


Airflow is an essential factor for shop fans. If you are using the fan in your garage, industrial space, workshop or gym, you need a dependable unit that typically moves a large amount of air around the space.

Shop fans with higher velocities can deliver more airflow quickly, thereby keeping the space cooler for a long time.


The majority of shop fans out there come with 3 different speeds: low, medium, and high. This is essential as it gives users more flexibility, especially when it comes to air circulation.

Therefore, check the fan’s specs to determine the CFM (cubic feet per minute), which refers to airflow. The higher the CFM is, the more efficient the shop fan is. And this means more air will be moved around the space.


Do you plan to move the shop fan around the space? Then you need a unit that is incredibly lightweight and easy to move.

Look for a shop fan that comes with durable handles affixed to the top. Some shops fans even come with a slim profile or wheels for easy movements.

Our Best Four Shop Fan Picks

Our reviewers kept the parameters of noise level, airflow, speed, and portability in mind when determining the best options for a reliable shop fan. The choices below are our top four picks, sorted from least expensive to most expensive.

Ironton High-Velocity Floor Fan

shop fan with low profile stand

The Ironton High-Velocity Floor Fan is a simple fan that comes with 3-speed settings. Its reaches a top speed of 1,514 rpm, a capacity that competes with higher-end products. And its ability to tilt ensures easy direction of airflow.

The Ironton High-Velocity Floor Fan has a solid metal construction that enhances its durability. Despite this, the fan remains lightweight, clocking in at under 15 pounds.

Key features

  • 20-inch fan diameter
  • Motor drive operation
  • 0.2 HP

Product specifications

Product weight14.0 lbs.
Drive TypeMotor
Noise Level (dB)73
Air delivery (CFM)4,590
WarrantyNTE 1 year RA/Exchange Policy


  • 3-speed settings
  • Tilting helps to control the angle
  • Solid metal construction
  • Powder-coated fan guard
  • Economical


  • The operation of the fan is somewhat noisy
  • Thinner material than competing options

TPI Industrial Floor Fan

shop fan with low profile folding stand

The TPI Industrial Floor Fan is a permanently lubricated fan with aluminum paddle blades and is powered by a 0.125HP, ball-bearing 120-V motor. It has a permanent split capacitor, and complete enclosure, and coated steel guards.

The ball-bearing motor of this fan has a 48 frame size and a 5/16-inch shaft, a pull chain switch, a steel hub, a 10-feet cord, and an SJT type-3 conductor. The TPI Industrial Floor Fan perfectly meets OSHA standards.

Key features

  • 18-inch fan diameter
  • Ball-bearing motor operation
  • 0.125HP

Product specifications

Product weight20.0 lbs.
Drive TypeBall-bearing motor
Noise Level (dB)61/63/65
Air delivery (CFM)4,600
Warranty1 year limited warranty


  • A highly durable steel cage
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Easily dented if mishandled.

Strongway Classic Cooler Drum Fan

shop fan with low profile stand and rollers

The Strongway Classic Cooler Drum Fan is an all-metal structure with a 0.2HP direct drive motor that operates on less power while requiring minimal maintenance. It has a silver metal-coated grill which enhances its usability and durability. This is the fan you need if you want your workplace to be more comfortable.

Thanks to the Strongway Classic Cooler Drum Fan’s aerodynamically-balanced blades, the room gets up to 7,700 CFM of airflow. And this means any area where the fan is installed cools very fast.

The fan can also be tilted such that you can easily direct air anywhere you need or want it.

Key features

  • 24-inch fan diameter
  • Direct drive operation
  • 0.2HP

Product specifications

Product weight29.0 lbs.
Drive TypeDirect drive
Noise Level (dB)74
Air delivery (CFM)7,700
Warranty1 year limited warranty


  • Aerodynamically-balanced blades make the fan operate quietly
  • Easy to roll around
  • Simple assembly
  • Easy to manipulate air delivery direction


  • Not a large gradient between low and high speed
  • Some users complained about poor material robustness

Strongway Utility Carpet Blower

yellows tube shop fan

The Strongway Utility Carpet Blower is the perfect option for ventilating, cooling, exhausting, and drying. The silver metal-coated grill blower comes with auto-reset thermal protection and rolled steel opening for optimal use in any hot location.

The 120V powered blower– with 2 settings for precise venting – also has a carrying handle and has a 10ft-grounded cord, making them very portable. The 0.37 horsepower, fully-enclosed direct drive motor runs seamlessly on less power and requires minimal maintenance than other motors.

Key features

  • 12-inch fan diameter
  • Direct drive operation
  • 0.37HP

Product specifications

Product weight31.0 lbs.
Drive TypeDirect drive
Noise Level (dB)85
Air delivery (CFM)2,905
Warranty1 year limited warranty


  • Durable package made of cast aluminum
  • Portable enough to be conveniently transported
  • Rave reviews from customers on its blend of durability and performance


  • Loud

Final Thoughts

Any of the fans listed produce reliable airflow in a durable package. Which is best for you? Our reviewers lean toward the Strongway Utility Carpet Blower as our top choice for localized air in a shop environment. Don’t care for the noise? Any of our other choices provide long-lasting, reliable airflow for DIYers and professionals alike.