Best Pallet Jack – Our Top 4 Picks of 2021


Pallet jacks – sometimes referred to as pallet trucks – are some of the most useful material handling equipment known today. They are used on loading docks to move incoming freight or cargo from trucks to the receiving department.

They can also be used in warehouses and retail stores to bring stock from storage areas at the rear of buildings to the shelves and aisles where customers shop.

What is a Pallet Jack?

A pallet jack is a smaller version of a forklift and comes in electric, manual, or powered versions. It can fit in the back of any van or truck, thereby making the job of hauling and lifting much easier on the user.

And since they come in different versions, the prices also differ. In this guide, you will discover the top 4 pallet jacks on the market today. But before then, you need to consider several factors before you shell out your hard-earned money.

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Buyer’s Guide: Parameters to Selecting a Good Pallet Jack

Before you decide to buy a pallet jack, you need to compare several factors as you work towards your final decision. Here are the most important factors to consider:


Having the right fork length is crucial. A pallet jack crippled by short forks creates the risk of dumping a heavy load you prematurely. This could be dangerous for you, your employees, and the cargo itself.

Thus, to avoid unceremonious cargo dumping, choose an appropriate fork length.

Pallet Jack Weight

There are weight restrictions for liftgate and container floors. This is why you need to know precisely how much the pallet jack weighs. This may be why you may have to purchase different weight/size pallet jacks.

Load Capacity

Figuring out the maximum weight of the items you will be hauling is highly essential before you buy your pallet jacket.

When you find a pallet jack that fits the exact capacity you want, do not overload it in any way. Overloading the pallet jack can prematurely wear key components and eventually lead to an equipment breakdown.


Go for a pallet jack with high-quality, durable, non-staining polyurethane wheels. The surface of the floor, as well as the load, will significantly determine precisely how the wheels on the pallet jack will perform. If the wheels are not high quality, they may mark the floor. Floor markings are of particular concern in medical and clean room type of applications.

Lift Height

 A well-designed pallet jack can lift weights or loads as high as 8 feet. However, consider the dangers of raising a load this high as tipping may occur.

Therefore, check out the rated capacity at each height to determine how well it operates.

Top 4 Pallet Jacks

Strongway Pallet Jack

grey pallet jack

The Strongway Pallet Jack is a budget-friendly product with a highly reliable leak-proof oil hydraulic system. It also features a large 89mm diameter pump as well as all-welded 11-gauge reinforced steel forks.

The Strongway Pallet Jack provides heavy-duty lifting with incredibly minimal effort.

Key Features

  • 3-function comfortable-grip handle for dependable and easy lifting, holding, and lowering
  • Fully-welded leak-proof pump
  • Tapered ends on forks with powder-coat finish ensure seamless entry into pallets

Product Specifications

Product weight (lbs.)137
Fork length (in)48
Width between forks (in)14 ½
Load capacity (lbs.)4,400
Overall dimension (in)63 ½ x 27
Manufacturer’s warranty1 year limited warranty


  • Users rave about the unit’s sturdy, well-made construction
  • Economically priced
  • Smooth operation and easy to use


  • A user stated that this unit did not fit in all their pallets
  • A user complained that the unit fails to function very well once it is cold.

Crown PTH Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack/Hand Pallet Truck

beige pallet jack with orange wheel

The Crown PTH Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack is designed to lift up to 2 tons of freight or cargo without even batting a bearing. It can also suspend that weight for as long as you desire without failure.

The Crown PTH Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack is regarded in many circles as one of the best pallet jacks on the market today. Its ergonomic handle is kind to any pair of hands that grips it.

The steering range on this jack is up to 200 degrees, while its 7-inch wheels roll across the floor with up to 2.95-inch clearance beneath the forks.

Key Feature

  • 3-position lever and ergonomic handle
  • Easy to replace and service
  • Known for its quality, support, and durability

Product Specifications

Product weight (lbs.)160
Fork length (in)48
Width between forks (in)14.4
Load capacity (lbs.)5,000
Overall dimension (in)Not stated
Manufacturer’s warranty3-year warranty


  • Budget-friendly price
  • It works smoothly and quietly
  • The unit is known to last for several years


  • Seals start leaking after just one year of use, according to a user
  • Repair kits are extremely costly

Mighty-Lift ML55-2 Heavy Duty Pallet Jack Truck

red pallet jack

The Mighty Lift ML55-2 is a highly reliable pallet jack with a 27inch x 48inch frame bearing 5,500lbs. of load capacity.

It has other features, including a German seal kit for improved lowering and lifting loads. And it rides on polyurethane wheels on steel.

Key Features

  • Extra foot control for increased safety and operator efficiency
  • Ergonomic handle comes with shock-absorbing and protective coating for better use
  • Extra 10 grease fittings

Product Specifications

Product weight (lbs.)160
Fork length (in)50
Width between forks (in)14.37
Load capacity (lbs.)5,500
Overall dimension (in)52 x 27 x 19
Manufacturer’s warrantyNot mentioned


  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Zero whining and groaning


  • Challenging to assemble according to a user

Jet PTW-2748 6000 lb Pallet Truck

gray pallet jack with black handle

The JET PTW-2748 Pallet Jack is constructed with solid steel and can move a 6,000-pound load with ease. It can also turn 200 degrees, making it possible for you to move around very tight spaces. And there is zero need for adjusting its pushrods.

The JET PTW-2748 Pallet Jack comes with a set of poly-over-aluminum steel wheels, making it possible for the pallet jack to move smoothly across uneven floors.

Key Features

  • Turning radius: 200 degrees
  • Fingertip controls
  • Rounded tips of fork and nylon guide rollers for smooth operations

Product Specifications

Product weight (lbs.)170
Fork length (in)48
Width between forks (in)14 ¼
Load capacity (lbs.)6,000
Overall dimension (in)59 x 27 x 18
Manufacturer’s warranty2 years


  • Users say it is long-lasting, sturdy, and can withstand cold temperatures
  • It rolls smoothly across any uneven floor


  • The handle is somewhat tricky to install, according to a user

Final Thoughts

A suitable pallet jack will serve you and your business incredibly well. Many busy operations require multiple pallet jacks. Standardizing on a pallet jack that’s easy and efficient to operate will help improve employees’ productivity.

So, let’s cut to the chase. What’s our favorite pallet jack on the market today? The JET PTW-2748‘s higher weight capability only becomes relevant when users frequently handle heavy loads. In the large majority of situations, the Strongway provides the needed power and reliability at an incredible price point. No matter your ultimate choice, any of these 4 pallet jacks should provide long-lasting and high-quality service.

Happy moving!