Travis Ziebro

A Punchlist Zero Summer Internship

“The internship allowed me to venture out into many different areas that you would not expect to when thinking about an engineering internship. From sales to networking, to article writing, I wore many hats.”

The PL0 Fabrication Index

The fabrication industry has spent years being sloppily lumped as a subset of manufacturing. Manufacturing is the process of taking raw goods and making a finished product. Fabrication performs roughly…

Company Spotlight: Ascension Team

PL0: Congrats on your recent announcement that you are starting Ascension Consulting. Talk to us about your digitalization experience.  Thank you, it’s been an exciting journey launching a new company…

Fracture Toughness

Fracture toughness is a physical property of matter. It describes the resistance of the material to fracture while it has cracks.  It is different than simple toughness which is defined…